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  • Popular Dubai districts for foreigners to buy apartments in

    Dubai remains the largest megalopolis in the UAE. Apartments in Dubai are purchased not only as a permanent residence or a holiday home but also for investment. Despite the consistent price growth in the Emirate in recent years, the city’s housing can suit different budgets. This means you can either buy the most expensive apartments in Dubai valued at millions of dollars or the lower-end residences. Apartments for $100,000 – $150,000 are also for sale. All you need to do is make up your mind about the potential location of apartments. Contents: Freehold Zones Best places in Dubai to buy apartments in Things to consider when choosing a place for relocation as a permanent resident Best investment-worthy districts Reasons to invest in Dubai real...

  • How much does it cost to maintain an apartment in Dubai?

    Real estate in the UAE is popular among foreigners. This is particularly true about housing in Dubai. Foreign nationals account for much of the population in the country’s biggest city, which is why apartments in Dubai are always in demand. Affordable prices attract investors who purchase highly liquid and profitable housing. However, before closing the deal it makes sense to consider the additional expenses that the buyer will incur. Keeping an apartment in Dubai requires money too. Let us consider how much utilities can cost and whether such foreign property is taxed. Contents: Utilities Taxes on Dubai apartments Transaction fees Professional assistance with maintaining and servicing a purchased apartment in Dubai Utilities The owner must pay the apartment...

  • Market review and trends of Dubai apartment prices in 2022

    The 2021 performance demonstrated investors’ higher interest in UAE real estate. Prices of apartments in the UAE in 2022 have increased substantially and keep growing. The demand for apartments in Dubai with one or more bedrooms is as high as for luxurious penthouses. Housing is purchased not only for relocation (as a permanent residence) but also for investment. The authorities enhanced this trend with successful anti-COVID policies, as well as incentives for foreign investors – as in changes in the basic regulations of issuing a residence permit, which has become even more readily available in the case of purchasing real estate. Contents: Real estate market performance in recent years Changes in Dubai apartment prices Prospects of real estate market...